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Learn how the Judex Platform combines a wonderful customer experience with work that travels with you wherever you go.

Multiple Languages

Users can change the Language of the website and apps with the click of a button.

Picture in Picture

Picture in picture mode allows users to use Judex while multitasking during an ongoing conferences.

Chat Facility

Judex allows passive and active chats which helps with the conference stay clutter free and create a safe environment for chatting without interfering with ongoing conferences or meeting.
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How Judex works

Judex is the place for you. We’re here to help you connect, communicate, and express your thoughts so you can work together more effectively. We’re honored to have millions of corporations, small businesses, and individuals trust us, just like you.
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Organize your work anywhere

Meetings Are Not Enough. With our all-in-one communications platform, you can engage new audiences, improve customer experiences, and get more done.

Screen Sharing

There's no need to transmit presentations or documents for evaluation when you use screen sharing. Real-time file sharing and discussion! File sharing that is adaptable. Cross-platform. Access from a mobile device Login with a single click. Sharing a screen on an iOS or android device is possible. Office at home or anywhere

Meeting Recording

Judex is a cloud-based video conferencing service that allows you to virtually connect with others while conducting live discussions, and it also allows you to record such sessions for later viewing.

Video Conferencing

A live video-based conference involving two or more individuals in separate locations utilizing video-enabled devices is known as video conferencing. By streaming voice, video, text, and presentations in real time via the internet, video conferencing allows numerous people to meet and collaborate face to face over large distances.


Judex is a popular video conferencing service, but it can also be used to live stream. It's quite simple to convert Judex into a live streaming platform and broadcast your material to a larger audience.

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For Education Professionals

Take a look at the classroom’s sophisticated collaboration tools to make virtual learning a memorable experience.

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For Business Owners

Judex Business owners provide excellent features like privacy, security, and enterprise-grade security. Examine all of the software’s sophisticated tools for making your conference run smoothly and collaboratively.

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Questions & Answers

Judex is your one stop solution to all your conference, meeting, Scheduling and hosting needs. We provide a highly encrypted secured conference platform. We have top of the line servers with no downtime and seamless connectivity. Judex is oriented towards Business Owners, Educational Professionals, IT Managers, Healthcare Professionals and Family conference.
Top features of Judex include HD Screen sharing, Video Conferencing, Mobile conferencing, Meeting Recording and many more features. Our platform provides highly encrypted data transfer and seamless connectivity. Other features such as Roles management of stuffs and public broadcasting of conferences are easily available in our conference platform. Our users are able to easily add participants with automated email and phone SMS system.
All Operating Systems supports Judex. We have Apps in the Apple store and the Google Play Store for Judex Hosting, management and conference connectivity. Browsers can also be used to join a conference without downloading the Judex software.
For Educational Professionals we provide auto Conference quality managers that keeps students connected to the conference even with the lowest network quality. Students are able to join a conference for free and have all the features that are available to all users in any profession. Educational professionals are able to create password for login in to a conference. This allows users to avoid interruptions by Unwanted people. Lastly, Educational professions can create different roles for their students Such as TA or Class representative and allow private chats with public and private users.
Judex Business owners provide excellent features like privacy, security, and enterprise-grade security. Examine all of the software’s sophisticated tools for making your conference run smoothly and collaboratively. Judex Dual chat system allows Business stuff and Management stuff to chat and discuss separately in their own private space without the other groups intervention. HD quality recording and screen sharing is possible with the Judex Business. This allows for High quality presentation and connectivity.
Visit our well thought out and new user-friendly tutorial FAQ page on our website. You can explore all the features of Judex and learn how to use them. All features of Judex can be accessed through the Mobile Application and the Website.

Note: Please Visit the FAQs page for details.