About Judex

Judex Video conferencing platform as a tailor-made video conferencing platform for professionals and small and medium enterprises has the following features:

  1. Video conferencing engine built by world class state of art Techgentsia, the video conferencing provider used by the Government of India, a testimony to it’s impenetrable security architecture:
  2. Automatic transcription in both word and pdf formats to be available after the meeting eliminating secretarial costs of file-noting and note taking. This feature increases certainty on instructions and advice given reducing the scope for professional indemnity claims against Lawyers. Transcription is done through AWS engine.
  3. Document upload during the meeting enables Lawyers, Barristers and clients to refer to the document during discussions.
  4. Time stamping of the conferences assists in keeping track of billable hours for both Barristers and Solicitors creating an atmosphere of certainty
  5. Billing is done through two methods, Fixed monthly charge or pay as you go/use model which is similar to a pre-paid phone card. With the prepay model, Lawyers will only be charged for the Video conferencing minutes they use and this can be passed on to the client as disbursements.
  6. Customisable – Judex video conferencing platform is completely customizable in that Lawyers and their firms can customize the video conferencing page background to insert their firm name or other pictures giving the clients a feel of entering into a virtual office.
  7. Youtube and other publishing facilities – The videos can be published in youtube. Though this is not required for Lawyers, this is an additional feature.
  8. The platform is also available as an app through both Apple and Android operating systems which can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Playstore respectively.