Judex IT

Secure IT Infra Structure that are reliable & practical

Secured calls and conferences are possible with the use of highly secured encrypted data transfer. Seamlessly connect and conference with users with minimal delay.

Judex IT Advantages

Software Based Video Conferencing

Any sized conference room can benefit from a software-based video conferencing solution.

High Quality Video & Audio

For Windows PC, Mac, Linux, or Touchscreen, high-quality video, audio, and video conferencing

Schedule Class & Manage Notifications

Instant or scheduled meetings are as simple as accessing websites.

SIP or H323 Endpoints Connectivity

Existing SIP or H.323 endpoints, such as Polycom, Cisco, and Lifesize, can be used to communicate.

Screen Share to Enhance Experience

Wireless, Airplay, or HDMI connections are used to share screens from participant PCs or external devices.

Integrated Scheduling Tools

Powerful scheduling tools that work in concert with your own calendar

Take a look at the awesome features of Judex IT!

Judex IT has strong privacy, security, and enterprise-grade security features. Discover all of the software’s advanced capabilities for ensuring a smooth and productive meeting.